Cleaning and caring for your jewellery at home is very simple and can keep your jewellery lasting longer and sparkling brighter.

How do I clean my jewellery?

Follow these 4 simple steps and you will have your jewellery sparling in no time!

Step 1 – Soak it.

Fill a small container with lukewarm water and a few drops of gentle dishwashing liquid and let everything soak for 10-15 minutes. This will allow all the build up of lotions, sunscreens and sanitizers to loosen and make it easier to clean away the dirt. Avoid putting jewellery with soft, porous stones like pearls, opals or turquoise in this liquid, this can cause the stones to break, weaken or lose their colours.

Step 2 – Brush it.

Using an old toothbrush or clean cloth give your jewellery a gentle scrub to wash away any dirt or build up.

Don’t forget to scrub under the settings and around the stones. This is where the most build up occurs.

Step 3 – Rinse it.

using lukewarm running water, rinse off all the build up you just brushed out.

Step 4 – Dry and Polish.

Let your jewellery air dry or use a clean, soft cloth to dry the jewellery before using a polishing cloth to give your jeweller some sparkle.

If you try this and your jewellery still doesn’t look clean enough bring it in to the store for a professional clean or even a polish if it needs.

How often should I clean my jewellery?

Each piece of jewellery will need cleaning at different times. Jewellery that gets dirtier quickly like earing or jewellery worn more often like rings will need more regular cleaning. These pieces should be cleaned every 1 – 2 weeks.

Keep an eye on your other jewellery and when you feel they are becoming a bit dull or dirty, give them a clean. Once a month is a good guide for cleaning your jewellery.

Cleaning your jewellery regularly will ensure they stay hygienic, sparkling as well as ensure all the stones are secure and no damage is being done to the ring. If you notice a stone is loose or something is out of shape bring it in to the jewellers as soon as possible to be repaired. (See our services).

How do I store my jewellery properly?

Avoid putting your jewellery out in direct sunlight. This will keep your jewellery bright and it wont become brittle.

Avoid keeping your jewellery in humid areas like the bathroom. The moisture and humidity can cause your jewellery to tarnish quickly.

Store similar metals together. Put the gold with other gold pieces and the silver with other silver pieces. If you have the room the best way to store your jewellery is put each piece in their own individual pouch, tissue or bag, this will prevent each piece from getting scratched.

How do I look after my jewellery when I am wearing it?

Taking your jewellery off when you get home, go to bed, have a shower, go in the garden and do the washing up will help your jewellery stay stronger for longer and will reduce any risk of damage.

It is best to keep your jewellery away from oils, lotions, extreme heat and harsh chemicals like Chlorine to avoid build-up and damage.

Although you should be careful with your jewellery, don’t forget to wear each piece and bring some joy and sparkle to your day.

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