Seligs Jewellers is a family owned and operated jeweller located in the heart of Caloundra, on the picturesque Sunshine Coast. Our range includes pieces from Canadian Fire Diamonds, Pandora and more. We specialise in custom jewellery creations utilising only the finest quality sourced stones and metals on the market.

Visit our boutique store and enjoy a personalised service from our team who will guide you through our range and services to ensure you find the perfect piece that we’re sure you’ll fall in love with.

Franz Selig began the family’s passion for jewellery when he started his apprenticeship in Yugoslavia in 1928.

After completing his Master Certificate in 1935 he opened his first store and workshop. He soon became well known for his jewellery talents and detailed hand engraving, even commissioned to do work for many dignitaries.

 Franz married Anna a few years earlier and they had their first and only child, Karl.

WWII soon put an end to their dreams. Franz closed the doors of his business never to return and was sent to war, while Anna and Karl with a few small possessions fled to Upper Austria. Towards the end of WWII, Franz spent a difficult time in prison camps until the war came to an end and he was able to reunite with Anna and Karl.

Franz began working for a family jewellery manufacturer, in the city of Wels. He was assigned to hand make the original pieces of the extensive jewellery collection. These pieces were then copied and handmade in the quantities required to supply stores throughout the country. This caring family he worked for became lifelong friends.

Karl left school in 1950. He was offered to work a long side his father to begin his career in the jewellery industry. Once a week he travelled by train to the city of Linz where he went to trade school until he completed his Goldsmith apprenticeship in 1954.

Other members of the Selig family had migrated to Australia and the opportunity for the family to join them was daunting but also an exciting new venture. They left Europe in 1955 and arrived in the rich farming town of Naracoorte, South Australia. Australia was vastly different to their homeland but they loved the warm climate and the community was very accepting and welcoming to the many new nationalities arriving from overseas.

They started their business with not much more than an old leather suit case of tools, on an old kitchen table in the back of a local hair salon. They opened their first store and over time the family built a successful jewellery business with a collection of over 250 diamond rings, watches including Rolex, Omega and Longines and giftware.

A few years later Christa moved to Australia and married Karl in 1965. They had two daughters, Niki and Monika.

Karls dream was to retire in Queensland and in 1986 there was an opportunity to buy a jewellery business in Caloundra. The family including Franz and Anna decided to move to the Sunshine Coast for another new beginning. Now after 33 Years in Caloundra and 90 years since Franz began his apprenticeship the family and outstanding team have worked in the business to make it what it is today. A trusted jewellery business, that has a reputation to be very proud of.

A few years ago Niki and Monika took over the reins, however Karl now semi-retired still enjoys working at the bench in our jewellery workshop and occasionally meeting with clients in the store. While Niki has run the business for many years, Monika now enjoys working behind the scenes, designing and making jewellery.

Our Master Jeweller and instore experienced team can assist you with your custom made, one off pieces to signify your memorable moments. There’s nothing more rewarding than working on a personal design with a client, and sharing the excitement when their creation is complete.

We often turn customer’s old gold and gems that have been sitting in a jewellery box for years into an amazing new piece of jewellery they can wear and love.

These heirlooms are often sentimental as they may have used Grandma’s old engagement ring to design their new treasure.

Selig Jewellers specialise in many of the bestselling brands such as Canadian Fire

Diamonds and the famous Danish design Pandora and many more. Canadian Fire

Diamonds come with a Certificate of Origin confirming the stone was mined in Canada’s Arctic North. The stringent monitoring system follows your diamond from the mine, through the refining facility, to you – the only program of its kind in the world.

We can source coloured Diamonds including Pink Argyle Diamonds; these stones are rare and highly sought after, they can even become part of your investment portfolio. See ‘Our Services’ for more information.

Selig Jewellers is a longtime member of the Showcase buying group, Australasia’s premier buying and marketing group, representing over 250 independent jewellery stores across Australia and New Zealand. Our strength in

numbers is your assurance that when you shop with your local Showcase Jeweller you are gaining exceptional value as our buying power allows us to pass on savings. We are grateful to have such a wonderful clientele that continue to support our business. With over 30 years in Caloundra, we look forward to servicing the local community and many visitors to our region for many more years to come.

Selig Jewellers making your dreams a reality

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